Nayuta Kani
Kanji 可児 那由多
Romaji かに なゆた
Alias Kanikou
Personal Details
Birthday August 18
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 5'0" (152 cm)
Occupation Writer
Debut Episode 1
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Nayuta Kani (可児 那由多 Kani Nayuta Best Girl) is a great novelist who is in love with Hashima Itsuki. She's 18 years old. She debuted as a novelist after winning a prize for the newcomer, becoming one of the best authors of his company. Nayuta Kani is her pseudonym and even Itsuki does not know her name. She started in high school, refused to go to school after being intimidated. Kanikou is a nickname Itsuki has been calling..

Appearance Edit

Nayuta is a girl in her late teens. She has a bust size that is bigger than average.

She has long waist-length silvery blue hair. The left side of her bangs has a small blue scrunchie tied to it. She has two cat-like flairs on the sides of her hair and a small ahoge which moves in sync with her actions.

She is usually seen wearing an oversized black sweater with small yellow ribbons on the side and a white turtleneck underneath with a thin ribbon on the collar. Another one of Nayuta's outfits include an oversized black sweater with a white collared turtleneck underneath. She is also seen wearing a black dress with black ribbons in the center and a knitted white turtleneck.

Personality Edit

Nayuta is a nice girl, as shown when she threw Miyako a surprise birthday party and thought hard about what gift to give her, eventually giving her a well-written fairy tale-esque novel that was based off of her crush on Itsuki.

She is also very protective of around Miyako, as shown when she defended Miyako even though she lied about having been in multiple relationships.

Nayuta is prone to jealousy, such as when she gets jealous over Itsuki's newfound friendship with his new illustrator, Kaiko.

She is also quite perverted and makes a lot of sexual innuendos, but her friends are used to them. Despite joking around a lot, she can be serious in certain situations, such as when she confronted Miyako over her feelings about Itsuki.

Plot Edit

Not much is known about her origins or parents but during her school days she seemed to be the target of bullies and it may have been both verbal and physical bullying. She soon lost confidence in school and her social life was frozen. She shut herself in her bedroom and stopped going to school. During her isolation from life she began to read books and novels to escape reality and in doing so caught on to Itsuki's novels. This awoken her interest in storytelling and was highly inspired by Itsuki's novels. She followed in his footsteps and now has a foothold in light novels, writing her own and even winning awards.

Relationships Edit

Itsuki Hashima Edit

She is madly in love with him. Her dream is to live with him and have sex with him every day.

Miyako Shirakawa Edit

During her first encounter with Miyako, she saw her as a bit of a rival for Itsuki's affection and began with a bleak introduction. They both walked the same way back home and Miyako asked what she saw in Itsuki. Kani then explained sternly that it was Itsuki that brought her out of deep isolation and also hinted she was heavily bullied to which Miyako felt sympathy for Kani which brought her to tears. She hugged Kani and stated that if they were together in school she would have defended and protected Kani. This sparked a good friendship between the girls and now Kani looks up to Miyako like an older sister. Comically enough this also stirs Itsuki's little sister fetish.

Quotes Edit

  • "You can blow my mind anytime."

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