Miyako Shirakawa
Kanji 白川 京
Romaji Shirakawa Miyako
Alias Myaa (by Nayuta Kani)
Personal Details
Birthday April 29
Age 21
Gender Female
Debut Episode 1
Japanese Ai Kakuma
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Miyako Shirakawa is Itsuki's ex-classmate at college. She consistently hangs out with everyone else at Itsuki's house.

Appearance Edit

Miyako has medium-length orange-gold braided hair and red eyes.

Miyako is pretty busty and has a very curvy figure. She is usually seen wearing a red ribbon necklace, a white top attire with a blue skirt and a brown belt.

Personality Edit

Miyako is a very nice and caring girl, as shown when she stuck with Itsuki even after he called her a "slut" multiple times and disregarded her. She also cried for Kanikou when she learned about her backstory, and for Haruto when his anime was unsuccessful. She sometimes feels like an outsider when talking about things only light novel authors would understand.

Plot Edit

Miyako is an ex classmate of Itsuki during college and is now one of his closest friends.

Miyako seems to be an average girl that is haunted by the fact that everybody around her is focusing at something to do with their lives while she hasn't found her purpose yet.

Relationships Edit

Itsuki - She is secretly in love with him though she's scared to admit it.

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