Kenjirō Toki
Kenjirou Toki
Alias Ken Ken
Personal Details
Gender Male
Occupation Light novel editor
Debut Episode 1
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Kenjirō Toki (土岐 健次郎 Toki Kenjirō) He is nicknamed "Kenken" (ケンケン) and he is an editor at GF Bunko who is in charge of Itsuki's works.

Appearance Edit

He looks like a typical office worker with a white shirt, dark pants, a blue necktie and a pair of glasses. He has really short black uncombed hair and is often seen drunk when overly stressed with his job.

Personality Edit

He is very serious about his job. When Itsuki's deadline was approaching, Toki tracked him down twice using illegal methods and then locking Itsuki up in a jail cell until Itsuki finished his next light novel volume.