Kaiko Mikuniyama
Kanji 三国山 蚕
Romaji Mikuniyama Kaiko
Personal Details
Age 20
Gender Female
Occupation Manga Artist
Debut Episode 6
Japanese Akane Fujita
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Kaiko Mikuniyama ( 三国山 蚕 ) is the girl who is in charge of adapting Itsuki's novel Imōto no Subete (妹のすべて) into manga.

Appearance Edit

Kaiko is a pretty girl with loose long and smooth black hair and emerald green eyes.

Kaiko is usually shown with her light pink dress and a white ribbon as accessory on top of her head, this ribbon is later revealed as a Panty Ribbon that she uses as "Formal Uniform" when she draws manga.

Personality Edit

Kaiko seems like a normal innocent girl at first but then she shows to have the same appreciation of Imoutos as Itsuki Hashima.

In the later episodes Kaiko is revealed to have an Underwear Fetish that causes her to have an artistic divergence with Itsuki.

Plot Edit

Kaiko was first introduced in episode 6 but then has more screen time in episode 9 where she started bickering with Itsuki since she wanted to draw Hilde in underwear because of her Underwear Fetish whereas Itsuki Hashima wanted the character to be completely nude. This events lead to Kaiko duelling against Setsuna Ena for the right to adapt the manga ending the match with a complete victory for Kaiko.

Later in the episode Kaiko was convinced by Nayuta Kani, in lewd ways, to start drawing nudes instead of opting only for underwear drawings.==References==

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