Ashley Oono
Kanji 大野 アシュリー
Romaji おおの アシュリー
Personal Details
Age 32
Gender Female
Occupation Tax Accountant
Debut Episode 4 Season 1
Japanese Manami Numakura
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Ashley Oono (大野アシュリー Ōno Ashurī) is a tax accountant assigned to help Itsuki Hashima.

Appearance Edit

Ashley Oono is shown with long, sliky blonde hair and turquoise blue eyes. She has a petite lolita stature and usually wears her goth-like red and black gown and adorned with a red ribbon in her hair.

Personality Edit

Ashley is shown to be a very cunning woman and a very efficient tax accountant that was able to triplicate Itsuki Hashima's savings.

Ashley is also known to be a sadist that likes to play with her clients by teasing them with their darkest interests and hobbies.

Plot Edit

Ashley was first introduced in episode 4 as a tax accountant assigned to help Itsuki Hashima to gain more profit from his taxes, she is later revealed to have also helped Haruto Fuwa for the same reason.==References==

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